The question of the day is whether or not pepper spray is a good option for self-defense. Well it is, and it also isn’t. Like any weapon used for self-defense, it needs to be used effectively. For example, if you keep your pepper spray in your purse, or in your glove box or your backpack, then it’s useless and might actually put you in a worse situation. Imagine this, an attacker is coming at you, and all of a sudden you’re digging in your purse to find your pepper spray, probably at bottom because it hasn’t been touched it for a year or so, and as you’re digging, that person is coming forward to hit you. Now, if you are using it in a different way, for example by keeping it in your hand while you’re walking to your car at night, or on your hike or run, then if someone approaches you are ready to use it making it a very effective tool.

Other tools used for self-defense require some practise. With a gun, you need to learn how to aim and shoot, even some pepper sprays have a shooting and aiming function and hits a small target, sometimes Taser guns have the same thing. Let’s think about this. When you have the adrenaline pumping, how great is your aim going to be? Also, how much have you been practising your aim? If you practise constantly then it’s obviously not a bad choice, but if you don’t have the practise of aiming and shooting, then pepper spray is great. You can make a wall. An attacker comes at you and you make a wall with the pepper spray in front of you. You don’t have to hit the attacker in the face, just put the spray out there. They will have to go through that and it will also hurt them – maybe not as much as direct contact to the eye, but it will still be an effective barrier.

By making sure your pepper spray is already out, and you are already spraying it, then it can be an effective tool in self-defense. It’s all about the application. Do you have it with you in your purse, in your glove box or in your back pack? Or is it in your hand? You could even conceal it! There are now pepper sprays that look like lipstick, so you can keep it in your hand and people won’t think you’re paranoid for having pepper spray out. Then if someone comes at you then boom, it’s sprayed and you have the opportunity to escape from the situation. So, if you already use pepper spray I definitely recommend practising walking with it and having it ready to engage, so when you need it, it’s there and it’s going to help you.