Module 1

Module 1 | How to throw a punch, Krav Style

It doesn’t get more basic then learning how to punch properly

Lesson 1.0 : How to use Knuckles and/or Palms

Always hit with the top two knuckles or palm
Palm is less painful and just as strong
Hard Surfaces = Palm Heal
Softer Surface = Knuckles 

Lesson 1.2 : How to hold a proper fist

Indent on end of thumb presses indent on2nd bone on index finger
Press thumb to pinky to create the tightest fist possible
Point your top two knuckles at target

Lesson 1.3 : Land the punch!

Don’t make a fist first
Make your first as you are thawing the punch to NOT give away what you are doing

Lesson 1.4 :  POWER comes from the hips!

Unless your triceps are the size of footballs, get your power from your body/hips
Drive your hips forward to create power and momentum
Don’t go to far and fall over, cause them we’ll laugh at you…


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MODULE 2: Stances & Movement