Module 2

Module 2 : Stances & Movement

Now yo know a little something, lets make you unstoppable!

Lesson 2.1 : Different Stances 

3 Stances
Passive – Feet side by side, hands down or crossed (texting), unready.
Semi-Passive : More ready, feet side by side, hands up (talking/negotiating)
Fighting Stance : Strong foot back, hands up and ready. This is the fight.

Lesson 2.2 : Fighting Stance Cont.

Keep your feet wide 
Strong Leg back
Back heal off the ground

Lesson 2.3 : Move your ass! (learn how to move properly)

Don’t cross your feet! 
Push off the far leg, step with the same leg the direction you are going

Lesson 2.4 : (BONUS LESSON) How to win the fight by getting out of the channel 

Stay out of the channel at all cost!