Show Notes:

This is a semi loaded question. Obviously, if there is gun to your head or a knife to your throat it doesn’t matter which is more dangerous at that moment. All that matters is that you survive no matter what.

But if we decided to break down knife vs gun threats, or attacks we can really see deep inside the problem and discuss certain theories.

Let’s start with the pistol and lets not talk about rifles at the moment sense they are long range and not typically close hand to hand range like a knife or even a pistol are.

Guns are amazing tools. They allow you to shoot a target at a close, medium, and semi far distance. They don’t need a lot of skill to be fired or used as a tool of intimidation.

Knifes on the other hand you must be close. But knifes are amazing weapons to because they never jam. They never need to reloaded. They are easily concealed. And they a cheap and easily to get.

Pistols are “less” personal as a knife is a very personal attack. What I mean is, you have to be up close to stab some one with a knife. You have to manually push a knife into someone while they are screaming in your ear and pull the knife out and do it again. A gun you press a trigger. I’m not saying it’s easy to press the trigger…

This is my opinion and the opinion of some o my colleges, students, and LE officer I work with and you may disagree and that’s fine.

But I would rather have a gun to my hear then a knife to my throat, any day.

I am competent at defending both of them pretty equally. But I would rather NOT have the person who is mentally willing/able to jam a knife into my body repeatedly in front of me and the person who would take a more impersonal approach of a pistol.

When I redirect a pistol, the pistol will MOST likely be jammed. Especially if a shot goes off. I make sure to keep the muzzle pointed away from me while establishing control and all is good (kind of).

When I redirect a knife, there is no “dead” knife. It’s always “hot” or active. Who knows how the struggle will go…

But stil, the person who hold a knife and if willing to use it is, in my opinion, more dangerous then the person holding a gun.

Now, obviously there are a lot of situation and aspects we can look into to debate this but I’m trying to make this as general as I can for the sake of comparison. Can a knife attacker take out a crowd of people as easily as a gunman? Probably not. So in that sense, a gun may be more dangerous. And we can argue the things all day long. But the main factor was to bring up the phycology of the person who is attacking and I think we have.

Now, to go even more in depth. What is more dangerous, the knife, the gun, or the person?

I would argue strongly that it’s the person. Let’s refer to the attacker as the “computer” and the weapon as a program or app.

If we take out the computer, we take out the weapons as well. A knife laying on the ground isn’t dangerous. at all. zero. Knifes cannot, stand up, run at you, and dive into your stomach by them selves. So therefore, knives (or guns) are NOT dangerous. It’s the person who is using them.

So, here’s my point. Take out the computer.

Don’t put 100% of your focus on the weapon. Now, obviously, not getting shot or stabbed is a great bonus. But if like many Martial Arts, you only concentrate on the weapon and grab on, while flipping the attacker in the air, and doing a spin while disarming the attacker, you are going to fail. However, you you focus on attacking the attacker, you will survive. You may sustain injuries. But you have a much higher chance of survival.

Put it this way… If a had someone come to me right now and say, “I’m going to be attacked today by a knife welder and I only have 10 minutes to train with you!!!” If I couldn’t give him a gun… or a knife.. or police backup or anything else I would teach him violence of action and the idea of “turing off the computer”. There’s no way he would be able to learn and be proficient and knife disarms and techniques in that short amount of time – he would just focus on the knife to much and not the computer that holding the knife. If he went it with 100% sticking power to the throat, knees, or groin, he will turn off the computer. May get cut a couple of times, but he his chances of serving and winning that fight are much higher… Now if I taught him him a knife take away technique, how do you think he would do? .

I hope this little insight was thought provoking and useful to spark some questions and conversation.